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I believe children and art are a natural combination. Art happens when media and techniques are introduced and the results are as individual as the child. Exploration and discovery are encouraged as little artists to learn about colors, lines, and artworks to make their own colorful renditions

In my class I use variety of  techniques and try to balance direct-line instruction with observation, painting techniques and free expressions and work with class to ensure that every child's creativity is nurtured. I provide a warm and friendly environment to encourag, and challenge each student to reach his or her individual, artistic potential.

Art & Children's Literature
Level : Beginner / Intermediate 

I will be incorporating children's literature into the art class. Like "Giraffes Can't Dance", "Dancing Feet" & "Dr. Seuss", "Snowmen at Night", "Mister T-Rex", "Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli", "When Pigasso met Motisse" etc.

Learn to draw 

Level : Beginner / Intermediate 

Learn to draw your favorite subject like Landscapes, Barns, Animals, Birds, Dinasours & Dragons, Castles, Dolls & Fairies, Fish & Sea Life, Boats, Cars & Trucks, Buildings & Architectures etc.

Fun with Portraits                           

Level : Beginner / Intermediate

This is one of my favorite lesson plan. It gives variety of portrait options with some standard and others whimsical. Portrait lesson is for every grade level. It includes line portaits, realistic portraits, paper-cut portraits, collage portrait, and imagination portrait.

African Themed Art Lessons

Level: Beginner / Intermediate

The younger students will practice skills such as cutting, pasting, paint mixing, drawing and composition while older students can show off their new drawing skills. We will be learning Mud Huts & Sunsets, Torn Paper Giraffes, African Dancers, Maasai Drawings with their imagination and little help. 

Mural Art Lessons

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

The younger students will be experimenting with the color theory and creating mural projects of Modern masters, Ancient Greece with the medium of chalk pastels & Oil Pastels. They will be working on O'Keeffe inspired graphic flowers etc.

Collage Art Lessons
Level : Beginner / Intermediate

The concept of collage seems easy; placing and arranging layers of paper, paint and subjects on a piece of paper, but in truth, it is a hard concept to grasp. For children, the inherit action to place objects around the perimeter of the paper is still strong. The importance of this lesson plan is to learn about "Composition".