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Jo Arts creative classes teach kids to discover the magic of creativity in young artists. Art is the one area where kids and their creativity have free reign. 

Art may seem like fun and games — and it is! — but you may not realize that your child is actually learning a lot through exploring the arts and doing art activities. Kids express things through their art that they don't even have words for yet. Creating art expands a child's ability to interact with the world around them, and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. 

Jo Arts offers classes for children in a relaxed & non-competitve envirionment. Kids focus on expressing themselves artistically while buidling social, critical thinking, and technical skills. We provide a guided learning experience designed to maximize your child's personal creativity.

  • Early Learning

  • Ages 3 - 5

  • Ages 6 - 12

 Events & Workshops 

I will be incorporating children's literature into the art class. Like "Giraffes Can't Dance", "Dancing Feet" & "Dr. Seuss", "Snowmen at Night", "Mister T-Rex", "Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli", "When Pigasso met Motisse" etc.

Learn to draw your favorite subject like Landscapes, Barns, Animals, Birds, Dinasours & Dragons, Castles, Dolls & Fairies, Fish & Sea Life, Boats, Cars & Trucks, Buildings & Architectures, Picasso Faces etc.

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